ESP Exhibition Limited Series 2022 STREAM-GT CTM NT

Every year, the world-famous guitar builders at the ESP Custom Shop in Japan are given carte blanche to express their own creativity, resulting in a series of guitars that are the pinnacle of their unrivalled skills as designers and creators of custom instruments.

New Shipment of ESP/LTD 200 Series Guitars Have Arrived

A new shipment of 200 series LTD guitars has just arrived! All of the popular models are back in stores, including the KH 202 – Kirk Hammett Signature Model, the LEC 256 and the LTE-200 in many of the popular finishes.

ESP LTD 2021 Drop 2: Here’s What’s Coming

The second shipment of ESP LTD 2021 guitars is now on route to Australian shores, here’s a look at the awesome new guitars heading our way. LTD KH-3 Spider (Kirk Hammett Signature) The LTD Kirk Hammett Signature Series 30th Anniversary KH-3 Spider is a reissue of the original KH-3 model with a few upgrades. In […]